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Today is Santa Leopoldina's birthday, but have you heard the story of the tomb that fills with water

Located in the municipal cemetery of Santa Leopoldina, the tomb of the girl Maria Gilda, who died drowned in a basin, "springs" water up to the present day!

Maria gilda/Santa Leopoldina
The tomb fills with water even in times of drought. Photograph: Wing Costa/ A Gazeta

The story begins in 1923. Maria Gilda, a girl just 5 months old, is found by her lifeless grandmother in a basin. Her grandmother, Maria Zelinda Avancini, was bathing the child and had gone out to get a towel, when she comes back to the place, she is faced with the fateful scene.

Well, the years go by, and it is noticed that there is an abnormality in the girl's tomb, it springs water!

It is not known for sure when water began to sprout in Maria Gilda's tomb, but as far as confirmed, the first reports come from the 1930s, a few years after the child's burial.

The most intriguing in this case is that in periods without rain the tomb continues with water, it has already been drained, and it fills again. The location of the tomb also raises the question of the origin of the water, since it is a concrete box.

Miraculous water

With the popularization of Maria Gilda's tomb, a rumor began to appear that the water would be miraculous, and would have healing power. According to local gravediggers, several people have already come to the tomb to "bless" themselves from the water, even caravans have been made to visit the site.

However, the municipality's Culture and Tourism Secretariat says that it is good to avoid contact with water, as a product is placed to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes, especially dengue.


Photo: A Gazeta

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